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Your assignment:

Ms. Hoffpauir asked you to research a career. For your final project, you will create a Glogster, which is an online interactive poster. You should include:

  • The title of your career

  • The type of education it requires (college, technical program, certification?)

  • Photograph

  • Job description

  • Links to your research articles

Sign up for a Glogster account

See an example of a Career Glogster:

Click here to see it full screen

How to get photos

For photos:

To add the attribution to the bottom of the photos, follow these steps:

1. Enter a search term in the search box

2. Select the photo you want, and it will show up bigger on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Directly above the photo are two choices, edit image: a) "in house" and b) "using Picnik." Choose "in house" .

4. Change photos size to "medium"

5. Click "Add Attribution >>"

6. Right click on the photo, and select "Save Picture As," then put it in your personal 001 folder


Format for photo citation:

Author. "Image Title." Title of site . Web. Date accessed. URL.

Ex: Li, Q.Q. "Tome Reader." Flickr CC. Web. 15 Nov 2010.

How to cite your research

  • To cite your source using the MLA format, fill in the blanks for the following format:

    • Author's name. Title of web page. Title of web site. Publishing organization, Date published or last revised. Medium. Date Retrieved. <Web URL>.

    • Skip any information that isn't available

    • Example: "Changing Immigration Policy." PBS. MacNeil-Lehrer Productions , 12 DEC 2001. Web. 11 Nov 2010. <>.

    • Or you can use this site to help you: Son of Citation Machine. All you have to do is plug in the information, then copy and paste it.

Basic How To Video for Glogster:

Video created by Amy Lott with Jing